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Preschool Skill Match and Learn

Preschool Skill Match and LearnGenre/Topic:

Match with same pictures.
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Kindergarten Skill Sorting And Reasoning

Kindergarten Skill Sorting And ReasoningGenre/Topic:

Circle the things that does not belong in each row.
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Kindergarten Skill Circle The Group

Kindergarten Skill Circle The GroupGenre/Topic:

Circle the group that has more.
Circle the group that has less.
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Kindergarten Skill Identifying / Sorting

Kindergarten Skill Identifying / SortingGenre/Topic:

Identifying / sorting
Put the things in their correct places.
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Kindergarten Science Means Of Transport

Kindergarten Science Means Of TransportGenre/Topic:

Means of transport
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Preschool English Reading and Writing U to Z

Preschool English Reading and Writing U to ZGenre/Topic:

Read, trace and write.
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