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Kindergarten Skill Games

Kindergarten Skill GamesGenre/Topic:

Indoor games
Outdoor games
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Kindergarten Maths Trace And Copy Word

Kindergarten Maths Trace And Copy WordGenre/Topic:

Trace and copy the words.
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Preschool Number Write and Learn 1 to 20

Preschool Number Write and Learn 1 to 20Genre/Topic:

Write the numbers from 1 to 20.
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Kindergarten English One / Many

Kindergarten English One / ManyGenre/Topic:

Write the names.
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Kindergarten Maths Missing Numbers

Kindergarten Maths Missing NumbersGenre/Topic:

Write the missing numbers.
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Kindergarten Skill Complete The Pictures

Kindergarten Skill Complete The PicturesGenre/Topic:

Complete the pictures by adding the missing parts.
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Kindergarten Science Animals And Their Babies

Kindergarten Science Animals And Their BabiesGenre/Topic:

Animals and their babies
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Kindergarten English Circle The Objects

Kindergarten English Circle The ObjectsGenre/Topic:

Circle two objects that start with the same letter.
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Kindergarten Science Sources Of Water

Kindergarten Science Sources Of WaterGenre/Topic:

Sources of water
Match the pictures with their names.
Fill in the missing letters.
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Kindergarten Science Flowers

Kindergarten Science FlowersGenre/Topic:

Copy the name of the flowers.
Write name of the flowers.
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