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Kindergarten Maths Read, Learn And Write

Kindergarten Maths Read, Learn And WriteGenre/Topic:

Same and different
Long and short
Big and small
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Kindergarten Maths More, Less Or Equal

Kindergarten Maths More, Less Or EqualGenre/Topic:

Colour the smaller or greater number.
Circle the smallest and biggest number in each row.
Put the correct sigh in each box.
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Kindergarten Skill Reasoning / Making Judgements

Kindergarten Skill Reasoning / Making JudgementsGenre/Topic:

Reasoning / making judgements
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Kindergarten English Things We Do

Kindergarten English Things We DoGenre/Topic:

Things we do
Match the picture with the sentences.
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Kindergarten Science Insects

Kindergarten Science InsectsGenre/Topic:

Solve the cross words.
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Kindergarten English My Family

Kindergarten English My FamilyGenre/Topic:

Listen and practise.
Write who are there in your family.
Put photo of your family.
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