Kindergarten Skill Sequence

Kindergarten Skill SequenceGenre/Topic:

Draw what comes next.
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Preschool Skill Join The Dots

Preschool Skill Join The DotsGenre/Topic:

Join the dots.
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Kindergarten Skill Order The Pictures

Kindergarten Skill Order The PicturesGenre/Topic:

Put pictures in order by writing the numbers.
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Kindergarten Skill Reasoning / Making Judgements

Kindergarten Skill Reasoning / Making JudgementsGenre/Topic:

Reasoning / making judgements
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Preschool Skill Match With Same Pair

Preschool Skill Match With Same PairGenre/Topic:

Match with same pair.
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Kindergarten Skill Finding The Way

Kindergarten Skill Finding The WayGenre/Topic:

Find the way.
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Kindergarten Skill Connect The Pictures

Kindergarten Skill Connect The PicturesGenre/Topic:

Draw the line to connect the animals to their homes.
Draw the line to connect the pictures.
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Preschool Skill Colour The Boxes

Preschool Skill Colour The BoxesGenre/Topic:

Colour the boxes with different colours.
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Kindergarten Skill Find And Cross

Kindergarten Skill Find And CrossGenre/Topic:

Find out the mistakes and cross the mistakes.
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Kindergarten Skill Count And Draw

Kindergarten Skill Count And DrawGenre/Topic:

Count the pictures and draw them.
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