Kindergarten Science Keeping Clean

Kindergarten Science Keeping CleanGenre/Topic:

Thing to do to keep clean
Read and copy.
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Kindergarten Science Parts Of The Day

Kindergarten Science Parts Of The DayGenre/Topic:

Parts of the day.
Match the picture with the words.
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Kindergarten Science Traffic Light

Kindergarten Science Traffic LightGenre/Topic:

Colour the traffic light.
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Kindergarten Science Land Animals

Kindergarten Science Land AnimalsGenre/Topic:

Rearrange the jumbled letters.
Colour and name the animals.
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Kindergarten Science Means Of Transport

Kindergarten Science Means Of TransportGenre/Topic:

Means of transport
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Kindergarten Science Domestic Animals

Kindergarten Science Domestic AnimalsGenre/Topic:

Domestic animals
Match and complete the names.
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